Ford Shelby – a David and Goliath story

Kiel 2

Carroll Shelby was a poultry farmer with a passion for high horse-power in small classic cars who started a partnership with Ford America that ensured the Mustang  name lived on.

    His namesake, the Shelby Super Snake, is up there for performance and classic lines and these qualities drew us to purchase this ultra low volume vehicle.
    We contacted Craig Dean from Mustang Motorsports in Melbourne and from there we were on our way to importing one of the last of its kind (before the new shape) American Mustangs.
    Ours started her life in Kentucky, USA. Destined for Orange, NSW, she was transported to the Carroll Shelby factory in Las Vegas and upgraded to what you see now, the 69th GT 500 to be transformed from less than 100 Super Snakes made for that year. Next she set off for California to be loaded into a cargo container (sharing with a Yellow Camaro, aka Bumble Bee) bound for Melbourne, Vic, and was converted to right hand drive and a few other modifications for Australian standards  🙂
By owners Pete and Stella

What does an Alfasud have in common with an orphan gardening car?

mcguiness alfas-1

Amatori Alfa magazine editor and track flag winner Frankie McGuiness, along with her husband Tim, is a tragic Alfa fan. Frankie writes here about the two they own:

The French blue 1976 Alfasud was bought from a fellow club member in late 2003 to return to motorsport, after I “retired” in 1999. I campaigned this car at Club level events for four years, and it is still in circuit trim.

The 1978 Burnt Sienna Alfasud wagon, or Giardinetta in Italian, is one of two that came to Australia with Alfa Romeo when the factory had a presence here. The wagons were used as estate garden run-abouts and parts delivery vehicles and distinctively had 3 doors. This model was never imported into Australia. When the factory left Australia, both were bought by Gulson’s dealership in Canberra. This car was sold by Gulson in 2013, and we acquired it less than a year later.

What do they have in common? A family pass to our Show and Shine.

“OK Let’s Ride”

Remember Randall “Memphis” Raines (Nick Cage) stealing cars and the striped, silver Elenor? (Hello, YouTube). Well, I’m rapidly becoming a Mustang fan myself, especially since this blue Ford Mercury 1969 Cougar was registered for our Show and Shine. But even MORE so, when owner Greg mentioned he MIGHT also bring his (silver) Shelby Cobra build Mustang, too. Yep, the ONE with the namesake from the movie. Of course, stealing cars in the movies is OK cus he needed fast wheels to save his brother’s life. Fasten your seatbelts for the trailer – Click here

Greg's mustangs

Spring has arrived in Orange! It’s a welcome change even though many of our lovely producers rely on the cold. We’re now surrounded by colourful blooms and sunshine and I’m looking forward to taking a drive later – top down, wind in the hair – to breath it all in. Why not take a fresh look at your wheels – ever faithful through many seasons – and make some new memories. Orange awaits you.

Car Clubs – group-book early birds

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54729571 - classic vintage car
54729571 – classic vintage car


Feel it

We are warmly inviting all car clubs, owners of highly regarded cars and individuals to a combined exhibition of wheels – including concourse class, unique, unmodified, respected, restored and vintage cars AS WELL AS models being produced today that, in time, will be considered classic cars.

We welcome everyone to experience beautiful Orange and our weekend of Classic Car Events. The program begins on the Friday evening with a welcome Cocktail Launch, followed by Saturday’s Show and Shine competitions, fund raising Classic Rides throughout the colourful Orange region, a Retro Dinner Dance with Vinyl Rex and concludes on the Sunday with a 100km Observational Car Drive.

Can you feel it… the smell of… (well, you know how it goes). Tickets on sale now.MUSTANG