What does an Alfasud have in common with an orphan gardening car?

mcguiness alfas-1

Amatori Alfa magazine editor and track flag winner Frankie McGuiness, along with her husband Tim, is a tragic Alfa fan. Frankie writes here about the two they own:

The French blue 1976 Alfasud was bought from a fellow club member in late 2003 to return to motorsport, after I “retired” in 1999. I campaigned this car at Club level events for four years, and it is still in circuit trim.

The 1978 Burnt Sienna Alfasud wagon, or Giardinetta in Italian, is one of two that came to Australia with Alfa Romeo when the factory had a presence here. The wagons were used as estate garden run-abouts and parts delivery vehicles and distinctively had 3 doors. This model was never imported into Australia. When the factory left Australia, both were bought by Gulson’s dealership in Canberra. This car was sold by Gulson in 2013, and we acquired it less than a year later.

What do they have in common? A family pass to our Show and Shine.

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